Conway’s Law

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Conway’s Law was introduced in 1967 by a programmer Melvin Conway. The law represents a concept originating from the software world but not constrained by any specific domain. Conway’s law was not intended as a joke but as a valid sociological observation. It states the fact that two software modules X and Y cannot interface correctly with each other unless the designer and implementer of X communicates with the designer and implementer of Y.

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cheat sheet

practical tips

  • Set up clear communication channels between the parts of your organization to ensure that every division (team) has the same shared understanding of the user problems you’re trying to solve.
  • Work primarily backward from the user, not only from the leadership directives.
  • Validate early designs and product prototypes with the users to make sure that the product meets their expectations and solve their problems.
  • Communicate as early as possible the information architecture of the product/feature.

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